Handmade Baby Gifts

Check out our excellent selection of handmade baby gifts. You are sure to find something to fit any occasion such as a Christening, Birthday or Christmas present.

Boy or Girl

Whether for a girl or boy or perhaps a baby shower or gender reveal party, a handmade gift is something special ,sure to be cherished by whomever is lucky enough to receive it.

If you are looking for baby gift ideas, then browse our shop and see if anything catches your fancy.

Baby Birth

The birth of a baby is an incredible moment. Newborns are really a sight to behold. It’s nice to mark the moment with some kind of keepsake that will perhaps take pride of place on the mantelpiece for many years in the babies home.

Handmade Baby Gift Ideas

  • Personalised Nursery Rhymes Book
  • Personalised Baby Vest or Onsie
  • Bespoke Baby Dressmakers Designs
  • Handmade Rocking Lamb/Sheep
  • Personalised Baby Comforters
  • Pinewood Baby Cot Bed
  • Personalised Kid’s Christmas Story Book
  • Hand Knitted Heirloom
  • Handmade Fabric Balls
  • Moon and Stars Wall Stickers
  • Handmade Quilts
  • Personalised Rag Doll
  • Handmade Toddler Gym
  • Wooden Helper Stool
  • Personalised Teething Ring
  • Hand Knitted Baby Booties
  • Handmade Rocking Chair

Growing Up

I know from my own experience that I always found a personalised cup with my name given as a gift to my mum and dad quite interesting to look at and think about.

Unique Handmade Baby Gifts

It doesn’t have to be something elaborate. Sometimes a simple easy idea can make the most unique precious gift.