Handmade Wooden Gifts

We offer a wide range of magnificent Handmade Wooden Gifts. Browse our carefully selected handmade wooden products today and find the ideal present.

Unique Handmade Wooden Gift Ideas

In a world where we see so much plastic waste, it’s refreshing to receive something from the earth such as a wooden gift.

There are plenty of unusual and unique wooden gift options. being handmade of course makes it that little bit more special.

The smell and feel can sometimes evoke memories of childhood or something long forgotten. Wood is to be cherished and looked after and not simply forgotten and discarded.

Luxury Handmade Wooden Gifts

It could be something small like an engraved box or sign or you could decide to go for the more luxury end of things and look at bigger products such as tables, shelving, presses or chests.

Best Selling Wooden Handmade Gifts

If you are looking for ideas then have a look through the list below.

  • Wood Branding Iron
  • Rustic Wooden Chest
  • Handmade Rustic Wooden Chandelier
  • Rabbit Litter Box
  • Solid Pine Wood Mantel Shelf
  • Retro TV Stand
  • Wooden Wall Mounted Coat Rack
  • Vinyl Storage Cube
  • Wooden Gym for toddlers
  • Retro Slim Side Bedside Table
  • 40 Gallon Oak Barrel Wooden Keg
  • Narrow Console Table With Hairpin Legs
  • Hallway bench with Shoe Storage
  • Toddler house bed with slats
  • Rustic Contemporary Mirror
  • Wooden Pet Memorial Keepsake Box
  • Wedding Guests Post Box
  • Hand Crafted Bespoke Dining Table
  • Morbihan Rustic Coffee Chest
  • Handmade Solid Walnut Redwood Pine 4 Poster Bed
  • Alpine Furniture Toy Box
  • Garden Furniture Set
  • Waldorf Rocker with Ramp
  • Mud Kitchen
  • Kitchen Bench

Handmade Wooden Presents are for Everyone

As you can see, there really is something for everyone. Husbands, Wives, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Kids, Grandparents….the list goes on.